Videos - New ones!

A friend of ours sluicing on Spruce Creek

Winter Gold Mining

This is how we get things moved in the winter...

Winter Road Transport

This video is all about the Model 200 Gold Machine that we used this summer at All Gold Creek.  We were able process a lot more dirt this year.  It brought us to a new level of mining

Gold Machine model 200 - 2012

This video shows our 2012 operation on "All Gold Creek", including equipment, crew and gold.

All Gold Creek - Dulac Mining - 2012

These nest 2 videos are 2 out of three sluicing operations that were working out at 10 Mile Creek during 2011.
Lots of fun and hard work.

10 Mile Creek - Dulac Mining - 2011

Click Here for the Aurum North video on 10 Mile Creek.

We added "The Gold Machine" in August of 2011 to the De-rocker sluice Plant.  This video is all about the reverse helix, and how well it works.  We used it on 10 Mile Creek.

The Gold Machine

This video is of our placer operation, "No Name Resources Inc", out at 10 Mile Creek in the Klondike Placer Region.  It was taken during the fall of 2010.

YouTube Video

Our Arch Creek video was taken during the summer of 2008.  This property sold during the summer of 2010. 

YouTube Video

Fun Videos

This fun one is the "Resume" of one of our right hand men, Tyson Wirth.  We advise that he doesn't use this video to try and get other jobs during the winter.

YouTube Video

This one is of our Chief Pilot, Darrin Reimer, bringing in supplies by aircraft to another gold placer mine in the Southern Yukon.  Gladstone Creek

YouTube Video

Another fun one!  Santa Claus flies down from the North Pole with Sifton Air and lands on the highway in downtown Haines Junction.  It has become an annual event where the kids get pretty excited.

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